Our Services

We have the most comprehensive selection of brain enhancement tools and techniques in the greater Delaware Valley. We offer an extensive array of neurotherapy, neurofeedback and traditional biofeedback protocols to address physical, cognitive, learning and emotional difficulties.
Additionally we offer peak performance protocols for the enhancement of performance in athletic, artistic, academic and occupational pursuits.

We also have exciting new methods to help with learning disabilities and sensory integration. Please read our About Us page to learn more about neurofeedback and how it works.



Neurofeedback is a painless, easy-to-learn, alternative to medication for people who are looking for ways to develop greater self-regulation and control of physical and emotional symptoms. Clients use neurofeedback as a training tool for achieving greater awareness and flexibility in their responses to stress and dissolve longstanding self destructive patterns of behavior .


Passive neurofeedback occurs through the use of light and sound stimulation to produce changes in brainwave activity directly without the person's active participation. Active neurofeedback requires the person's direct attention to the feedback being provided either in the form of visual or auditory signals. Both forms of biofeedback use electroencephalogram (EEG) information to improve the brain's flexibility and resilience in response to stimulation from the nervous system, resulting in improved mood, energy, alertness, concentration, and impulse control.


Physical and Neurological Assessment

Our Medical Director Dr. James P. Halper, MD and Dr. Neal Stolar, MD-PhD, our Integrative Psychiatry Consultant will evaluate your treatment needs and consult on planning the most effective course of treatment which may include psychiatric medication, neurofeedback training, photo-bio neuromodulation, psychotherapy, and/or health coaching.


Psychotherapy Services

We offer neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing. Our staff clinical psychologists and Ph.D psychotherapists offer individual, family, couples and group work. Please call the Quietmind office at 610-940-0488 for more information or to schedule an appointment.



We offer neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing in addition to testing for accommodations and disability testing. We offer Quantitative EEG (QEEG) assessments which provide a comprehensive analysis of the brain's electrical connections and rhythms compared to norms for gender, age and handedness. QEEG data analysis is also used to provide real-time neurofeedback using the very latest advances in neurofeedback technology. Quietmind Associates is the only clinical practice providing this new, highly effective method of neurofeedback training in the greater Delaware Valley.

We also work closely with CNS Response providing the data acquisition for the Reference EEG® (rEEG) which allows physicians to more easily and reliably construct more effective medication interventions for neuropsychiatric disorders.

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