Reaching Out in the Community

I enjoyed a special evening last night as i watched my daughter Morgan promote her new online network program for sustainable businesses called Milkcrate. We were the senior citizens in the room and in the minority. It was a cold winter evening in Philadelphia in the basement of a church but there were 200 people there having dinner and listening to the pitches of 8 programs all seeking funding for their activities. The food was very good served on real plates with silverware we all washed off ourselves at the meals end. Morgan didn't win the money that night but it was the effort she put into her presentation that impressed me and the organization that supported such a program of grass roots social activism. Morgan didn't win the competition last night, she lost to a group that provides mental health services to children coming to the USA with no family support escaping from violence and poverty ni hopes of finding healing and a better life.

So what's this got to do with Quietmind Foundation neurofeedback? I've been trying to promote the practice of neurofeedback and alternative health here in Phialdelphia for quite a while and see that without a strong social network base it is really quite impossible to effectively get the message across. I've found a networking service called Thumbtack that helps people find therapeutic services and am listing myself there as a biofeedback provider and hoping this will increase the range of people who learn about our work. I'm also joining BNI a networking/referral group in Malvern to promote QMF and QMA's work. This blog post is also hopefully going to reach other people who can then learn about what we're doing that is of value to everyone with a brain, a body and a spirit that seeks improved health and well being.

We need to continue to grow and move forward and I'm proud of Morgan and all the folks who continue to bring their best efforts to help other people live a better life. Spread the word...

Quietmind Associates