Doing the Neurolimbo

I was explaining the process of z-score LORETA training and as I talked about the process I started to hear calypso music in my head. I knew where it came from as I'd been watching a new detective show on PBS that was set in the islands and there's always great reggae music in the show's background.

In explaining how we work to lower the training threshold of (standard deviations from the mean) as a way of shaping the EEG rhythms to normal values, I saw the graphic of bars dropping lower and lower and my image was of the limbo bar that I struggled to get under at high school parties many years ago. It was a very satisfying image that captured the real work of neurofeedback as something involving both focused attention, relaxation and flexibility. I certainly recognized these qualities of experience as those which contribute to successful outcomes in neurofeedback training. It is also the mindful attention to the body and what messages are coming from within us that are what make the difference when it comes to learning to modify EEG activity.

So now man, we all want to know, low can you go?