The Argument from Heaven

In the car, driving home:


When are you going to let me have all the video games I want?


We'll have to talk about this in more detail, so you can appreciate the pro's and con's.


Do you KNOW what I have to do because YOU won't give me video games?
(Mom expecting something awful like sneaking unsuitable netflix, etc.)

And when I read, I have to IMAGINE the pictures, the pictures moving like a video in my head!
You are forcing me to IMAGINE Ahab all angry with a red, sweaty face, and his leg pounding on the ship, and then I have to IMAGINE Ishmael, too.
All at the same time! And then, the big waves rocking the ship. All like a pretend movie in my head.

And then, I have to IMAGINE Tom Sawyer's friends painting the fence on the hot day, and Aunt Polly coming to the porch to yell for Tom.

And the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, and how mean he looks, and how mad he is and how scared Jack is.

THAT's what I have to do because you won't give me video games.



Silently: BINGO!