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Combined NIR and Neurofeedback Dementia Treatment Comment from John Gehman

Last year, 13 months ago to be exact, I posted this photo of my wife receiving an Near-Infrared Light (NIR) treatment for her Alzheimer's-like dementia. Here's what's happened in that 13 months while under the care of Dr. Marvin Berman at Quietmind Foundation in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

The Argument from Heaven

In the car, driving home:


When are you going to let me have all the video games I want?


We'll have to talk about this in more detail, so you can appreciate the pro's and con's.


Do you KNOW what I have to do because YOU won't give me video games?
(Mom expecting something awful like sneaking unsuitable netflix, etc.)

Improving Learning Rate Using Non-invasive Microcurrent Stimulation

Quietmind Associates is now offering transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)under the supervision of our Medical Director, Dr. James Halper, MD who is an expert in the application of these techinques. Dr. Halper is a member of the faculty in the Dept of Psychiatry at NYU and has been using neuromodulation techniques including TDCS for 10 years.

Therapy program helps Fort Campbell soldiers heal from brain injuries

This is a very important report on a project for veterans struggling with the symptoms of closed head trauma who were treated with EEG biofeedback. The results are striking and are quite like the ones being achieved at Quietmind Foundation using similar technology. We are working with the Principled Warrior Foundation to educate veterans and their family members to participate in this treatment program. Quietmind Foundation is a proud participating Healthnet provider.


Reaching Out in the Community

I enjoyed a special evening last night as i watched my daughter Morgan promote her new online network program for sustainable businesses called Milkcrate. We were the senior citizens in the room and in the minority. It was a cold winter evening in Philadelphia in the basement of a church but there were 200 people there having dinner and listening to the pitches of 8 programs all seeking funding for their activities. The food was very good served on real plates with silverware we all washed off ourselves at the meals end.

Doing the Neurolimbo

I was explaining the process of z-score LORETA training and as I talked about the process I started to hear calypso music in my head. I knew where it came from as I'd been watching a new detective show on PBS that was set in the islands and there's always great reggae music in the show's background.

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Using Drugs

This review is important for patient and parents to recognize as being at the root of many problems people are having with managing their mood, learning, energy and behavioral difficulties. Quietmind's stance has always been that we want to identify the root causes of a person's difficulties and then work to resolve them using the fasting acting, longest lasting and least invasive tools available.

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective on Using Drugs

By Kelly Brogan, MD

Reframing the Traumatic Memory

The parents sat with me as the boy trained in the next room. He'd wanted to watch a movie and engage with the neurofeedback program. His mom told me that he was remembering the time when he was taken from his mother by the social workers and how he saw her crying as they drove away. This image haunts him now and he is angry and upset when it comes to him.

Missing the Point that Group Dynamics Determine Individual Behavior in Classrooms and Families

The feelings toward children aroused in teachers in the classroom are going to be rather intense and mostly unconscious. The group dynamic in the classroom is going to always arouse the most primitive kinds of feelings in teachers who are supposed to be the containers for the unmanageable aspects of those feelings, e.g., murderous rage. While it is normal and actually necessary for these feelings to be aroused in the course of any group's development, it is critically important for all that these responses be contained and responded to appropriately.

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